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Mar. 25th, 2012 03:28 am (UTC)
Dragon Fate

Wow. Just finished 'Dragon Fate' and ... I have to tell you, sir, I haven't been this unhappy with a series finale in some time. And it's a disturbing trend.

I loved - LOVED - the first three books of Vampire Earth. Enjoyed the second three. And enjoyed the first three of Age of Fire. But your more recent works, particularly with David Valentine stranded in Kentucky instead of globetrotting and doing Important Things, and now this disappointment ... it's all lacking the appeal your earlier stuff had. I share all of the criticisms of 'Dragon Fate' you'll find in the comments section on Amazon (and I'm not sure if I would've given it 1 or 2 stars, but lord it wasn't good).

I don't know what's gone wrong, and I expect I'll read your next Vampire Earth books simply b/c I'm invested in the character ... but (1) please DON'T let them be anything like 'Dragon Fate' and (2) please get back to whatever methods you used to write back when Vampire Earth was just starting out. Find your mojo, because someone's stolen it.


A fan in Minneapolis

p.s. sorry if this sounds harsh but it's kinda your own fault for placing the bar so high with your earlier work.

p.p.s. and if I haven't offended too much, please consider sending DV back to the Boundary Waters or MN sometime.