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Too good, too quick, too over

Well, that was a fun weekend.

Windy City Pulp & Paperback is always a good time, but this was an unusually good year because Howard came up from E-ville and John Hocking was in from Ann Arbor.

First, my purchases.

I bought a book of Roy G. Krenkel illustrative art from DreamHaven (I have some of Krenkel's old Ace stuff on the shelves). Got an old Burroughs Mars reprint with a perfect Frazetta cover. Found some vintage smutty plain-white-cover books for Chats. Plus a few miscellaneous paperbacks, mostly Sword & Planet stuff and a little military fiction.

Had dinner at Reza's with the guys (John O'Neill, Howard A Jones, Jason Waltz, John Hocking, and John's friend Tom whose last name is escaping me -- and yes, I was a good husband and brought Chats home a carryout Vegetarian Platter). They'd never had Persian food before and enjoyed it. It was cool to see everyone try one of my all-time favorite dishes, Fesenjan (basically, a stewed Cornish hen in a pomegranate-walnut sauce).

Then we adjourned to my man-cave chez EEK-Chats for some gaming.

I set up "Atlantean Ruins" on my library table, a game map of my own creation. It was a meeting engagement. Everyone had a 150 point vanguard and a 400 point main body arriving a few turns later. I was half player, half gamemaster, controlling the wildlife and Atlantean remnants in the ruins. The three teams made short work of my indigenous residents.

John O'Neill and Jason were playing as a team and ended up winning a decisive victory. It came down to a powerful dragon they'd bought, who perched himself atop some ruined battlements with a magical glyph that gave extra-long ranged fire. With the acid-breath the dragon was able to spew like a sniper, he made short work of Howard's forces, who had a couple well-organized armies and looked to be able to win just because he kept his main body intact for the final conflict.

Special props go to John Hocking and Tom, who showed a great sense of humor when their scouts, some Mohicans, ran into a nasty T-rex lurking in a half-shattered tower.

That's what I love about Heroscape. You have Mohicans and British infantry and lizard men battling dinosaurs, giant spiders, dragons, and Atlantean robots in a jungle-choked ruin. I'd read that book.

The guys were also impressed with my various pulchritudinous books featuring vintage totty, especially old Playboy centerfolds. (Sssssh, don't tell the wives)

The Sprog made the waterfall with fingerpaints.
It's now in my permanent gaming collection.

Another view of the waterfall. You'll just have to indulge
a proud papa here.

That damned elusive dragon that won the game for John and Jason

The Sprog helps Da-da take the board apart this morning.

A bunch of flabby, middle-aged teenagers, we.
But we look pretty good for 2AM.
Sadly, Howard's not in the pic because it's his cameraphone.

Since O'Neill is local, I'm hoping he caught the Heroscape bug and I can play some more at his house with his kids.


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