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Sunday morning notes

I made Chats an apple pie yesterday (her fave). There's something about fall and pies.

There's a podcast interview of me at the Adventures in Scifi Publishing site. I did it last week when I had my cold, so I had a bad case of medicine head. In fact, when we were originally supposed to do the interview Tuesday I was in bed. I heard the phone ring and reacted like Prahka Lasa in All of Me, mumbling brrrrring!, brrrrring! just listening to the phone trill, without any synapses connecting to remind me that the call was, in fact, the interview.

Rectified it Wednesday, but I was still kind of out of it. Shaun was cool, though.

Oh, the first review of Dragon Strike appeared, and it's by (natch!) Harriet. She's somehow picked up on this meme that Strike is the last Age of Fire book. I know when I first outlined the series, it was three little books and one fat ol' doorstop to conclude it with a bang, but the publisher had me break up the final book into multiple volumes. Anyway, somehow the "this is the last one" got into the air on the internet and it keeps being repeated.

I've signed a contract for books five and six and been paid an advance and everything. Cross my heart! I know the series doesn't sell like Paolini or even Novik but it's not a flop.


Oct. 19th, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
Frankly, if the (IMO) rubbish that Paolini writes is what it takes to be a best seller, I'm somewhat hoping you never stoop to that level. Your two series far outweigh what most "Best Sellers" have done (including King, Stirling, et al) in my opinion.

Of course, I'm sure the cash involved in being a Best Seller is nothing to scoff at...