E. E. Knight (eeknight) wrote,
E. E. Knight

Great writing quote

I happened across this while reading an essay by an sometimes Hollywood writer who does the occasional piece for NR under the pseudonym of David Kahane.

It struck me as so right, so true, and so applicable to my chosen branch of fiction that I had to copy it down here:

"Still, there’s nothing wrong with genre pictures, as long as both you and the audience get the ending you want, but not the ending you expect."

Beautifully put. I dunno, maybe everyone who's ever had Screenwriting 101 has heard this and you're all shrugging and saying "and?" But it impressed me as a worthy goal for the ending of any genre novel. This one will be going up there with Alan Dean Foster's "Write every day. Submit when you're done."

Oh, speaking of him, there's an interview with Foster at the SCIFI.com. I know he's not to everyone's taste, but I've always found him readable and entertaining. One of my favorite con memories is sitting next to him at a pizza dinner at Archon talking about travel. And I can't believe he hasn't been to Patagonia! That seems like such ADF type territory.
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