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ST:TNG meme

From kradical:
"When you read this, post a quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation."

I'm doing two.

"That'll be the day!" - Picard, Yesterday's Enterprise

Krad quoted K'Ehleyr (Worf's "wife"), probably my favorite minor character. I'd argue that you'd have a tougher time finding a line of K'Ehleyr's that isn't quotable than picking one, but the line of hers that won my heart forever is "Whoever said getting there was half the fun never rode in a Class VIII probe."


Oct. 4th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
"The line must be drawn here!" -Picard, Star Trek: First Contact

"I'm afraid you will not live to witness the victory of the echo over the voice." -Praetor Shinzon, Star Trek: Nemesis.